"I lived in my apartment for a decade before I realized the stove didn't work. So, I don't cook but I do know how to pick up the phone. When I need something more than the basics I always call on Lisa Adams. For the past five years, Lisa's been helping me with lunches, meetings, and large events. When Lisa caters she often becomes the event, as her menu is fun, delicious, and healthy. She and her staff are professional and genuine as well."     --Gloria Steinem


The Upper Westside Moms:

"Lisa first started cooking for our family on a weekly basis four years ago after she came highly recommended by a friend and now I can't envision life without her!  Not only is her cooking delicious, she is extremely flexible and responsive.  She welcomes feedback and incorporates it into her dishes so her meals are perfectly tailored to your taste preference.  She is solely responsible for the fact that my family eats well-balanced, nutritious and stress-free meals.  I can't recommend her highly enough!"-Sara S.


"Lisa started working with my family when our first daughter was born twelve years ago and she has been with us ever since.  She has prepared our weekly meals as well as catered our parties and celebrations.  Her range and capabilities have expanded greatly in the time we’ve known her and she is an accomplished and creative chef.  She keeps up with current trends and responds easily to new requests and ideas.  In addition to being a great cook, she has a cheerful disposition and floats in and out of our home like a breath of fresh air. We truly have enjoyed a great partnership over all these years."-Ellen W.


"Everything Lisa cooks is delicious. She is utterly reliable, patient, flexible and a joy to be around. My family and friends have relished her meals and my guests have inhaled her hors d'oeuvres for years - and we look forward to more!"-Eve Y.


"Lisa Adams has created more than one incredible party experience for me, in fact, so many that all the friends at the parties have successfully stolen her from me. But even with her ever growing clientele the quality and attention to detail has never suffered. I now use Lisa exclusively for all my dinner partiescocktail parties and even for a week of food preparation when my normal help is not around. She is quite simply, the BEST!" -Ronnie P.