All Good Things is a place where I hope to encourage and inspire you to be alchemists. Alchemists, really?! YES!

Alchemy is the process of transforming something common into something special.

That is my goal in life; to make the ordinary extraordinary by doing that extra little bit, adding a special touch that only comes from me. I believe the kitchen is a perfect place for that transformation.
It is my wish for you:  All Good Things - in your kitchens, in your homes, in your lives. 

I'm Lisa Adams, a personal chef in New York City. My philosophy is that it doesn't matter if I'm cooking for a celebrity or a client's third-grader--every palate deserves five-star treatment.  I believe everyone can experience more joy in their lives through the food they eat.  Not just the pleasure of the flavors, but the way it nourishes and nurtures the body.  Food for your body, food for you soul. 

Now available at iHerb! 

Now available at iHerb